Now is the time to choose how you age!

If you’re 60+, Strengtherapy® from ActiveRx is the revolutionary strength regeneration system scientifically designed for you. Whether preparing for a medical procedure and want to recover more quickly, rehabilitating after an accident or injury, or want to ensure your strength keeps up with all the activities you love, visit one of our Strengtherapy Centers today to discover a safe, caring, community environment, where improving your quality of life is our top priority.

Did you know that by the age of 60 you have already lost 35% of your strength? With Strengtherapy from ActiveRx, you can regain 10 years of functional strength in as little as 45 minutes, 2-3 times per week. So don’t give up on the activities you love. Discover how strength changes everything today!

Strengtherapy Offers:

Increased balance and mobility  |  Comfortable, caring environment  |  Increased vitality and energy
Personalized, goal oriented plans  |  Decrease and manage chronic pain  |  Well-supported by insurance companies

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Success Stories


Meet Scott | Patient Story

"I'm 67 years old and ActiveRx has allowed me to play competitive tennis, hike, and bike, despite osteoarthritic knees. I'm stronger, more flexible, and experience less pain because of strengthening exercises and stretching exercises."

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Meet Craig | Patient Story

It took only one month of Rehab for Craig Schlinz, a 61 year-old stroke victim, to regain the majority of his strength and ability to function through the treatment he received at ActiveRx.

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How Strengtherapy can help you


“I’ve been able to get back to doing things I haven’t done in a long time. I’m even doing some things I’ve never done before. I jumped off a mountain! I went paragliding in the Swiss Alps! I KNOW I could never have done that if I hadn’t been coming to ActiveRx.” – Serena

Are you ready to regenerate 10+ years of functional strength in as little as 10 weeks? Strengtherapy is an innovative and scientifically-proven system designed to strengthen people 60+ within a social, supportive, safe and age-appropriate community environment. Get started on the path to a life well lived today!

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