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The ActiveRx mission is to enhance the quality of life for people 60 and older. Here, you will discover more than a gym or physical therapy center, our Strengtherapy Centers are life-changing destinations for those who want to live life to the fullest, increasing not only the power of their bodies but also their confidence, camaraderie and independence. We have forged a path to strength regeneration based on science and research, guided by a team of passionately devoted specialists dedicated to maintaining and building strength—because a stronger body is vital to your overall quality of life. And it is our greatest reward to witness a life renewed to its fullest potential while providing a safe place for our Members to age strong.


ActiveRx is all about strength. It’s the foundation that enables you to experience powerful, life-altering improvements in function, fall prevention, disease prevention and quality of life. We also provide a comprehensive culture of care, enabling you to feel secure in an atmosphere where you can concentrate on improving your life through Strengtherapy.


Regenerative Strengththerapy is one of the most important preventive health measures you can take. We have spent the better part of two decades researching the best approaches and strategies to regenerate and maintain strength—and discovering that rebuilding strength ultimately results in perpetuating wellness while reducing the occurrence of debilitating health conditions. From the Strengtherapy Eval to Strengtherapy Rehab and ongoing Strengtherapy Regen Sessions, every aspect of our system is delivered by experts who specialize in working with adults over age 60, because an aging body responds best to a more focused, personalized regimen that we are singularly qualified to fulfill.


ActiveRx is more than a place where people come to rebuild their strength. It is a place where you can raise yourself up and where we are completely invested in your wellbeing. Behind our system is a team of specialists, working with members to define what they want to get out of Strengtherapy. Together, we travel a path that lights the way to autonomy, easing the fear and anxiety caused by the loss of control many people feel as they age in an inspiring environment where your needs are the focus and milestones are celebrated as a family.


Above all else, we are a family working together. Our neighborhood Strengtherapy Centers serve as a hub for like-minded individuals. Here, you can participate in activities that are both physically and socially stimulating in an environment that propagates strength and wellness. And our Strengtherapy Centers are reassuringly consistent, ensuring you will feel at home at any of our Centers from coast to coast.


We care about each and every Member, providing support and compassion in every interaction. As well as coach, we are also friend, guide, teacher and trainer on this journey, and we embrace each of these roles with kindness and a positive outlook that inspires an emotional connection.

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