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patient-profile_0“They gave me the building blocks… I can do anything again.”

–Craig Schlinz, 61
ActiveRx Member

It took only one month of Rehab for Craig Schlinz, a 61 year-old stroke victim, to regain the majority of his strength and ability to function through the treatment he received at ActiveRx.

The retired former FBI agent still can’t believe it.

“I couldn’t talk. My speech was slurred. I had no strength on the right side of my body,” says Criag. “I pretty much thought my life was over.”

After 10 days in a hospital, Craig was discharged with doctor’s instructions to seek physical therapy. And he’s glad he found the strength-oriented staff and Strengtherapy Rehab program at ActiveRx in Surprise, Arizona.

“We worked on my walking and strengthening my arms. We worked on balance. We worked on my legs. We started with a few exercises at a time,” Craig says. “So, step by step—they started building me up.”

He attended 10 sessions at ActiveRx during the first month after leaving the hospital. At first it was difficult to walk even a quarter mile. But by the end of the month, he was walking three miles with ease.

“It’s an amazing thing in that short period of time,” Craig adds. “Now I can ride a bicycle. I love to hike and I can hike now. I do woodwork as a hobby so I’m able to get back in my shop. I can stand up and function normally. There’s nothing I can’t do.”

Craig found his strength recovery program at ActiveRx a different experience than it had been during the many years he had gone to a gym to stay in shape. He says his therapists took their time to show him how to identify specific muscle groups and different ways to exercise to regain strength in those areas.

“They gave me the building blocks to be able to build the muscles and restore my control to the point where I can do anything again,” Craig says.

Craig says he would recommend ActiveRx to other people because the staff is knowledgeable and encouraging.

“I felt very much like I was damaged goods. But I’ve been given a second chance,” he says. “It’s pretty exciting to me.”

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