Your neighborhood Active Aging Center is the place to go to enhance your aging experience. Active Aging Centers are unlike any healthcare clinics or health clubs you’ve ever seen.

Here, you’ll find the optimal environment and proven system that will enable you to recover, maintain and enhance your ability to live the active, independent lifestyle you desire.

Your care at a neighborhood Active Aging Center is delivered by experts who specialize in working with mature adults. Each location is custom-designed and tailored to each patient’s pace and comfort. We provide personalized care and all the time you need to make the progress you desire.

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Your Path to Active Aging

Step 1: 
The ActivEval™ —the most important test you’ve never taken. This may be covered by Medicare.

The ActiveRx Continuum of Care begins with the ActivEval whole body physical function and strength assessment—because you can’t get to where you want to be until we know where you are and what you really need.

Each year, you probably spend lots of time getting poked and prodded in an effort to prevent small problems from becoming larger ones.  

This makes good sense, but did you know that you’re just as likely to lose your independence from conditions and problems that stem from losses of strength and function?

If you’re like most of our patients and members, the ActivEval is the one test that you have never had. By the end of this comprehensive evaluation, you’ll know exactly where your body’s strength and function levels are in comparison to national norms and what the tests mean to your overall health. We will take the time to explain everything we do along the way!

The ActivEval will uncover:

  • Your risk for injuries and falling – so you can prevent them!
  • Your specific areas of weakness – so we can address them!
  • Your optimal pathway to active aging – so we can get started! 

Once your ActivEval is completed, you’ll proceed to our next phase of care—

Research-based Success

The ActiveRx System is based on nearly two decades of successful research and practice by the nationally recognized ActiveRx Scientific Advisory Board and leadership team.

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Step 2: 
Active Physical Therapy— Covered By Medicare.

In Active Physical Therapy, you’ll work one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist to:

  • Manage and eliminate pain that limits activity
  • Recover from past and present injuries
  • Prepare your body for a needed surgery
  • Avoid unnecessary surgery
  • Prevent recurring injury
  • Get ready for Strengtherapy

Step 3: 
ActiveRx Strengtherapy™

Whether you’re able to begin ActiveRx Strengtherapy™ immediately after your ActivEval, or you graduate from Active Physical Therapy. The integration of Strengtherapy™ into your lifestyle is where you you’ll gain literally hundreds of health benefits. Achieve the pinnacle of your potential – all within the safe, medically supervised environment that is your ActiveRx Active Aging Center.

ActiveRx Strengtherapy Membership

The ActiveRx Strengtherapy membership is a fun, socially active, personalized small-group, strength-focused wellness membership specifically designed for mature adults. 

You can Choose How You Age!

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