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The Role of Strength in Successful Aging and Chronic Disease Management

Regular strength training for older adults not only improves strength but can also reduce disability while maintaining and improving their independence, health and quality of life. Irrefutable evidence over the last 2-3 decades has shown strength training to be a powerful, perhaps the most powerful contributing factor to healthy, active Living in older adults. This […]

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Treating Sarcopenia

How to deal with the single most frequent cause of late life disability

Summary Sarcopenia is a potentially serious health-related condition that affects the majority of older adults, progressively reducing their muscle strength, muscle mass and physical function. This paper briefly summarizes the current research on sarcopenia – its scope and risk, as well as its ongoing effects on the aging body. It will also show that strength […]

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The Importance of Strength Training in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Current Research and Implications for Treatment

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Arthritis is the most common chronic health condition in the US with an estimated 52.5 million adults reporting physician-diagnosed arthritis. As the population ages, this number is expected to increase to 67 million by 2030. Arthritis is primarily thought of as a disease of the joints (from the […]

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The Importance of Strength Training in Osteoporosis

Current Research and Implications for Treatment

The National Osteoporosis Foundation defines Osteoporosis as ‘A skeletal disorder characterized by compromised bone strength that results in a high risk of fracture’. About 54 million Americans suffer from this condition, together with its precursor, Osteopenia (low bone mass that has not yet reached the level of Osteoporosis). Although bone is often thought of as hard […]

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